A commitment for life


Change of Ownership

September 2013

The United Kingdom’s Department of Health has recently announced that Bain Capital acquired a controlling share of PRUK, the holding company for Bio Products Laboratory (BPL), with the Department of Health retaining a significant (20%) stake in the company.

Bain Capital is one of the world’s leading investment firms and has an unrivalled healthcare investment track record. BPL is fortunate to have been acquired by an ambitious owner, with a strong track record of investment in the healthcare sector, excellent operational expertise, and a global support network.

Bain Capital has already publicly committed of transforming BPL into a globally-competitive, UK-based life sciences champion. To support that ambition, a substantial capital investment has been planned in the current UK site, which is outstanding news for patients, caregivers, and business partners.

Key positions in the new management structure have been filled by three new Directors at PRUK: Mr. Kim Bjoernstrup has been appointed as CEO of PRUK and BPL, Karl Erik Clausen is the new chief operating officer of BPL and chief financial officer of PRUK and BPL, and Dennis Curtin has been appointed as CEO of DCI Biologicals, a subsidiary of PRUK which operates 32 plasma collection centers in the U.S.

Practically speaking, this investment will allow BPL to strengthen its manufacturing facilities, accelerate the development of exciting R&D projects, and expand its global footprint, while maintaining delivery of a strong product portfolio.

Your daily interactions with BPL will not be changed as we will continue to work with you to deliver high-quality and timely healthcare and, ultimately, address patients’ needs.

On behalf of all BPL, DCI and PRUK colleagues, I would like to reaffirm the commitment to this partnership during the exciting journey that lies ahead of us.

Kind regards,

Kim Bjoernstrup

CEO, Bio Products Laboratory and PRUK

CO/IG/0813/0001, Date of Preparation: September 2013