April 28, 2021

Bio Products Laboratory (BPL), a leading manufacturer of plasma-derived protein therapies headquartered in Elstree, UK, today announced the signing of a collaboration agreement with Atlantic Research Group (ARG), a global contract research organization (CRO) headquartered in Charlottesville, VA.

This agreement establishes ARG as the preferred CRO vendor of record, to conduct clinical research trials and provide supportive services to BPL’s global new product development programs. The agreement builds on the successful work between BPL and ARG on previous clinical trial programs.

“We have significant new product development plans that we will be executing in the coming years,” said Richard Gray, Chief Operating Officer for BPL Therapeutics. “Establishing longer-term relationships with collaborators to help us do that efficiently, effectively, and in a timely fashion is a key part of our development plan.”

The agreement commences with clinical trial and additional research support in 2021; and carries through with options to extend beyond current terms, based on performance and planned expansion of BPL’s product development pipeline activities in areas of coagulation disorders, immunology, and neurology.

Paul Bishop, CEO of ARG, said, “We’re very excited to work even more closely with BPL to support their development programs. Our companies align very well, and we’ve proven that we can work and deliver trials together effectively.

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